Beans and mashed vegetables tart with biscuits

Beans and mashed vegetables tart with biscuits

Ingredients for one tart: 100g beans and mashed vegetables, a few corn beans from a tin for decorating, 2 small chives offshoot (4g) and 10-15 small biscuits.

Preparation time: 5 min

How to prepare the tart: give the beans and mashed vegetables a round shape with a stainless steel kitchen form.

Decorate the tart with corn beans and chives offshoot. Poke 2 biscuits into the tart as a nice way of decorating.

Place 5-6 biscuits on the presentation plate.


Tarta de zacusca de fasole cu biscuiti

Ingrediente pentru o tarta: 100g zacusca fasole, 4g vlastari de chives (2 buchetele), cateva boabe de porumb de la conserva pentru decorare, 10-15 biscuiti cu rosii si busuioc.

Timp de preparare: 5 min

Cum prepari: dai zacustii o forma rotunda cu o forma de bucatarie din inox.

Decorezi tarta de zacusca cu vlastari de chives si boabe de porumb. Infingi 2 biscuiti in tarta ca o forma de decorare. Asezi alti 5-6 biscuiti pe farfuria de prezentare.

Pofta buna!

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