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At you will find vegan recipes and vegan nutrition advice.

I have been vegan for approximately 7 years. The reason why I stopped eating animal products is because I love animals and I don`t want them to be exploited and killed for our food. Animals have feelings too and they feel pain. They love their families, they like to socialize and enjoy life. Animals deserve to be treated with respect and deserve to be protected.

Besides caring for animal rights, you should also make sure your vegan diet is healthy, varied and tasty. I usually eat fruit, prepare salads, pasta, cooked food and recipes of international influence, for example Indian recipes. Indian culture is one of my favourite cultures and I have visited India twice: I was in Bangalore and Mumbai.

The recipes that I am sharing are mostly dishes presented in Romanian traditional plates and bowls. Romania is my home country and I love our culture, especially things which are handcrafted by artisans. I also want to encourage you to buy from artisans.

I hope you will try my recipes and enjoy them. Please be creative and feel free to replace certain ingredients with what you have in your kitchen or your favourite ingredients. It would be nice to hear your feedback about my recipes or even show me recipes you have created. You can reach out to me at

I hope you will enjoy my content and it will support you in your healthy and ethical lifestyle.

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Certificates related to vegan cooking and food photography

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